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I feel privileged to have been asked by Zaffre publishers to read and review this debut novel by Sarah Franklin, The Shelter in return for my honest review.  This is an unusual genre for me so I thought long and hard about reading and reviewing it.

‘The Shelter’ is an amazing read covering aspects of World War Two, which I knew very little about.  It combines a multitude of emotions from love to hate and war to peace.

Connie is an awesome, feisty character, which is probably why I immediately warmed to her.  From Coventry, she finds herself homeless after her family have been killed after she had a night out with a GI.  She leaves me smiling whatever she does and, without giving too much away her relation ship with Seppe is cleverly crafted and portrayed.  For the two of them it is a new beginning within the forest. Outside of this world all is different.

Connie becomes a lumberjill as she is seeking somewhere to live whilst Seppe is a prisoner of war who is so grateful not to be fighting in the war anymore. The beautiful backdrop of the Forest of Dean adds to the spectacle and I became mesmerised by the whole story.

Written with warmth and caring this novel is both moving and powerful.

Brilliant Read.  Highly recommended.





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