A Version of the Truth – B P Walter


I would like to thanks NetGalley, Avon Books and B P Walter for my ARC of ‘A Version of the Truth’ in return for my honest review.

The novel was well written and I enjoyed the development of the characters.  The story moved between different timelines but the transition was clever.  This is the debut novel but the author manages to tackle a difficult subject with care and I will be seeking out the next book by this author.

In the present day Julianne is preparing a family dinner when her son finds something terrible on his iPad. This will turn Julianne’s life upside down.  She may not know who her husband really is.

About thirty years before this Sophie was arriving at Oxford University feeling out of her depth and lost amongst all the other students.  She develops a friendship with some older students who are from the upper echelons of society (the total opposite to her) and she begins ‘to fall in love’ with one of them.  She becomes unsettled about the behaviour around her and is not sure what game her friends are playing.

A dark secret has been hidden for over twenty-five years, so will the truth be told?

Great read.  Recommend.

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