Kate Rhodes – Ruin Beach


Many thanks to NetGalley, Simon and Schuster UK Fiction and Kate Rhodes for my ARC of Ruin Beach.  This author is rapidly becoming one of my all time favourites.

Once again, we are transported to the Scilly Isles with the amazing descriptive scenes to find a murder has taken place.  Jude Trellon’s body is discovered anchored to a rock in a cave.  As a professional diver it becomes clear that she was murdered but there are numerous possible culprits.

Ben Kitto, the main character, is a relatively new Deputy Chief of Police trying to find the killer. Originally from the Scilly Isles, he has a ‘shady’ past from working undercover in the Met for years where his previous partner committed suicide.  As the story progresses the murder victim’s family become a target and a young man goes missing.  All the residents pull together to help but somebody is still sending death messages.

Exceptionally great writing with numerous twists and turns.  There are so many reasons that this novel is worthy of five stars: I couldn’t put it down; the killer could have been anyone; unexpected twists and most of all I adore Shadow.

Brilliant read.  Highly recommended.

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