Perfect Crime – Helen Fields


I have enjoyed all of the previous novels by this author so I was delighted to receive my ARC in return for my honest review.  This is my favourite so far.

DI Luc Callaghan and DCI Ava Turner return to investigate murders that have been disguised to look like suicides, that is until the murderer gains more confidence and escalates the crimes.   Ava continues to get into scrapes, being rescued by Luc.

During the story Luc, visits an old man with Alzheimer’s in a care home. The man is murdered shortly after Luc’s visit and Luc is less than honest about his reason for the visit.  When another man, connected to the first, is murdered as well, Luc is under ‘administrative leave’ but it is his nemesis who has returned.

The relationship between Luc and Ava has been called a ‘friendship’ by them both but, as a reader, I can see this could easily develop into more.  Two new people join the team to add different dimensions and all characters are well developed and portrayed.

Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books, UK and Helen Fields for this ARC of Perfect Silence in return for my honest review.

Simply an awesome read.  Highly recommended.





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