The Evidence Against You – Gillian McAllister

Thanks to NetGalley, Penguin UK, Michael Joseph and Gillian McAllister for my ARC of ‘The Evidence Against You’ in return for my honest review.

I have read novels by this author before and couldn’t wait to read this and it was terrific.  I couldn’t put it down, and when I did I was mulling over the plot and possible outcomes.

Izzy English sees her father, Gabe, at the window of the restaurant she is running on the day he has been released from prison after serving 18 years of a life sentence for murdering her beautiful mother. He has been released on probation and must follow certain rules or he will be returned to jail to complete his life sentence.

He has always professed he didn’t do it and the evidence was mainly circumstantial if overwhelming.  His intention is to prove his innocence to his daughter but needs her help in finding the information.  Izzy’s husband, Nick, works as a police analyst with access to a police computer.

As the plot unfolds the secrets and lies from 20 years ago begin to show through and there was more going on at the restaurant, which belonged to Izzy’s mother before her, than could have been imagined.

The twists and turns were unexpected and the whole storyline gelled with amazingly interesting characters, even if I didn’t really like them.  Excellent read.  Highly recommended.

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