No Way Out – Cara Hunter


This is the third in the D I Fawley series written by Cara Hunter and I loved the previous books.  ‘No Way Out’, is even better and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a dark, evil portrayal of what envy, jealousy and hatred can lead to.

It’d just after New Year and a fierce fire has destroyed a family house in a quiet, suburban street.  The two children are taken from the house, one dead and one fighting for his life.  The parents seem to have vanished but, on the surface, they would not be the sort of people to leave their children alone at night.

The whole team of detective characters has been put together with thought and works exceptionally well.  As they unravel the story, they begin to discover just how destructive the situation relating to the fire appears.  The twists and turns left me suspicious of everyone.

This is exceptional writing and plot development.  I loved it.  Thank you NetGalley, Penguin Books (UK) Viking and Cara Hunter for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Excellent read, highly recommended.


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