After The End – Clare Mackintosh


Thank you to NetGalley, Little, Brown Book Group UK, Sphere and Clare Mackintosh for my ARC of ‘After The End’ in return for my honest review.

Where do I start?  What a read.  For me, this was an outstanding novel and I found it impossible to put down.  I have read all of Claire Mackintosh’s previous books so am a huge fan anyway and this had clearly made one of my favourite authors.

This one was different for her but, for me, it was the best.  Pip and Max were a strong couple who worked out how to deal with their son being in the PICU after having a brain tumour and surgery.  The story of the hospital and other children and parents in the ward was vivid and real.  It took my breath away at times and I felt for all of them.

Then the crunch time comes when Pip and Max disagree about Dylan’s care moving forward.  How it is resolved is intense and heart wrenching.  The story up to this point is clear and this is the point all aspects become blurred.

This is where we hear the story as it moves in two different directions.  How brilliant and how cleverly written with characters who were amazingly well developed.  Read it as I don’t want to give away anything.

An absolute must read.  Highly recommended.




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