The Good Friend – Jo Baldwin


Since completing a degree in French, Jo Baldwin has spent a large proportion of her life in France, first in Paris where she worked in magazine publishing, and later in Languedoc where she has a holiday home.  Jo now lives in Oxford with her husband and three children and works in educational publishing.


Once upon a time they were best friends.  They were all friends.  So when Jenny moved to Australia to focus on her swimming career, she not only lost Kath, but her soul-mate Tom.  It was for the best.  Or so they said.  Now, eight years later, Jenny seeks out her childhood friend and heads to rural France where Kath has settled.  At first the women fall back into a close friendship, but before long strange and malicious behaviour leads Jenny to realise the truth…

My review


This is the debut novel from Jo Baldwin.   ‘The Good Friend’ is an exceptional read.  I was sucked into the friendship between Jenny and Kath from the very beginning.

Most of us have been in friendships and relationships which are questionable even though we stay in them.  I loved the way the storyline twisted and turned everything around so, at certain points, I wasn’t sure I was seeing the full picture.  Of course, I wasn’t.

Jenny goes to stay with Kath who was her best friend and her new husband, Tom, who Jenny dated and believed to be her soul mate before emigrating to Australia to follow her swimming career.  The married couple now live in France and the stunning description of scenery, way of life and individuals add to the charm.

Kath and Tom have a daughter, Rosa, and as the plot progresses the reader begins to see how Tom, Jenny and Rosa are becoming inseparable with Tom and Jenny still having feelings.

However, nothing is clear cut and the final chapters and ending are brilliant.  I am a sucker for this type of ending.

Thanks to NetGalley, RedDoor Publishing and Jo Baldwin for my ARC in return for an honest review.

Brilliant read.  Highly recommended.

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