Dirty Little Secrets – Jo Spain


This is the first novel I have reads by Jo Spain.  What a brilliant read!  I’m delighted that there are a few other books by this author which I will now be buying.  It’s so good to find a ‘new’ author.

‘Dirty Little Secrets’ is about secrets, lies and deceptions amid several families who live in a ‘gated community’.  I have lived in something similar and this made it all the more intriguing.  The characters were well developed and  realistic.

Olive is found dead.  She has lived in the community since it was built and nobody noticed she had not been around for three months.  That, in itself is suspicious.  The question is, ‘was she murdered’?

Detectives Frank Brazil and Emma Child are investigating and begin to uncover those secrets within the families and outside.  Gradually, it becomes apparent that nobody liked Olive and most had a reason to want her dead.

A classy, witty, sometimes nasty whodunnit with a brilliant ending.

Thanks to NetGalley, Quercus Books and Jo Spain for my ARC of Dirty Little Secrets in return for an honest review.

Storming read.  Highly recommended.





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