The Holiday – TM Logan


I will confess to being a huge fan of TM Logan and this is his third book and both of the others are brilliant.  I received ‘The Holiday’ as an ARC thanks to NetGalley, Bonnier Zaffre and TM Logan in return for my honest review.

Once again, I loved everything about the storyline, characters, twists and turns as four female university friends go on holiday together to France with their families.  The setting is perfect, the weather is perfect but all is not perfect with the relationships within the families and with each other in the glorious villa.

Kate, Jen, Rowan and Izzy had always agreed to meet up regularly since university days and this time the families were included as a celebration of all of them turning forty.  On arrival, Kate sees text messages on her husband’s phone which indicates he is having an affair with one of her best friends, one of the women in the villa.  This is only the beginning of the surprises.

We know from the very start that somebody dies, but not who and certainly not who killed them.

The development of the interrelationships between the families and their children and the one person who is still single, Izzy, meant that I was hooked from start to finish and could not put this down.  It is never clear what is going on within the villa let alone what develops between some of the children.

Compelling reading.  Highly recommended.  Another must read from this author,




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