Stone Cold Heart – Caz Frear


‘Stone Cold Heart’ sees the return of the inimitable DC Cat Kinsella.  This is Caz Frear’s second novel and Cat was the main character in the first, although it is a stand alone for those who haven’t read the previous book.  Personally I enjoyed this one more than the first (only slightly) although they are both excellent.

A routine coffee collection from her local cafe, one morning, Cat is approached by Joseph Madden, who she believes is the owner, asking advice about a problem hinting that his wife is bullying or threatening him.  As a detective on the murder squad (MIT) she diverts him to his local police station, thinking no more about it.

However, a young woman, Naomi Lockhart, is found dead after going to a party attended by Joseph and his wife Rachel.  Now it becomes complicated as MIT investigate.  Joseph has had a multitude of affairs and the inference is that this was yet another one.

DC Cat Kinsella’s character has a special appeal to me as she is not even close to being perfect with a shady background and the ending left me wanting to read the next novel.  I am a sucker for a classy ending and this had it in abundance because it opened up as multitude of options for the future.

What I really found exceptional about this book was the style of writing and the way the author kept me hooked.  Talented prose with clever characters combined with a complex family interaction.  Brilliant.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bonnier Zaffre and Caz Frear for my ARC of ‘Stone Cold Heart’ in return for my honest review.

A must read for any fan of crime/psychological thrillers.  Highly recommended.





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