The Mother in Law – Sally Hepworth


This is the first novel I have read by Sally Hepworth but it will not be the last.  ‘The Mother-in-Law’ is slightly different to my usual read but I thoroughly enjoyed it as it is the age-old story of a mother-in-law, Diana, and daughter-in-law, Lucy, trying to make things work.  It sounds simple but this is far from it.

The story is mainly told in the first person alternating between Lucy and Diana, which offers clever and insightful dynamics.  All of the characters are well rounded and believable and most of us will have seen a version of at least one of these in our own family environment.  At least I have.

Diana and Tom have money, and they believe their children need to understand the meaning of money so try to make them stand on their own two feet.  In addition, there is no knowledge within the family about Diana’s upbringing (apart from Tom) and how she had her first born, Ollie, who is now married to Lucy.  This adds to the complex relationships along with Nettie, Ollie’s sister and her desperate desire to have a baby.

It isn’t a regular ‘who-dunnit’ because there are few options, including suicide, as the story progresses.  I loved it.

Thank you NetGalley, Hodder & Stoughton and Sally Hepworth for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Really great read.  Highly recommended.

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