Beyond Reasonable Doubt – Gary Bell


This is the first in the series of Elliot Rook, Q.C. novels and the first time I have read Gary Bell.  What a brilliant read it turned out to be.

Elliot Rook is a Q.C. and takes on a new Pupil, Zara Barnes.  Elliott has a background he wishes to hide and has spent many years lying and covering up where he is from and what he has been involved with.

A well known criminal who has spent time in prison for hate crimes along with other aggressive acts is charged with the murder of a young girl, unknown, who was found badly mutilated.  Elliot and Zara take on the case, as Elliot knows the accused from his former life.  It is the brother of his best friend at school.

As we get drawn into the murkiness of the accused the author takes us on a journey through the Old Bailey trial, which I found mesmerising. Well-written with clever portrayals of characters who all have something to hide along with a brilliant ending.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bloomsbury Publishing plc, Raven Books and Gary Bell for my ARC in return for my honest review.

I loved this novel and found it entertaining, witty and honest.

Highly recommended.





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