The Starter Wife – Nina Laurin


‘The Starter Wife’ is a thriller with numerous twists and turns and many secrets and lies.  This is a new author to me, which is great.   I can seek out more and definitely will be

Claire is married to an older man, a Professor of English Literature, Byron.  Byron’s first wife, Colleen, was believed to have committed suicide even though the body was never found.  Claire discovers that Byron was questioned over the death of his former wife and starts to dig into his background.

It is clear that something is wrong as Claire is surrounded by Colleen’s artwork and living in the house Byron and Colleen shared.  The storyline begins to unravel as we find out more about Byron and Claire without understanding what the relationship is and how it fits together.

Claire begins to receive emails and they sound as if they are from his ‘dead’ wife and we begin to doubt whether Colleen is dead.

Highly entertaining and one of those unputdownable books where I wasn’t sure when the next twist would happen and what it would be and certainly where we would end up.

Many thanks to NewGalley, Hodder & Stoughton, Mulholland and Nina Laurin for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Brilliant read, highly recommended.





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