Then She Vanishes – Claire Douglas


This is the second novel I have read by Claire Douglas and it was brilliant.  I read this within 24 hours as the storyline ebbed and flowed with such skill.  We have all been in some of these situations, at least I have – best friends falling out, trouble with sisters of best friends and gorgeous guys at the fair, which rolls into town every year.

The story is mainly told by Jess, who is a journalist on a small local paper within the Bristol area.  It is clear that something untoward has happened in her career when she was based in London.  She is living with Rory in Bristol and they appear to be an ideal couple.

There is a double murder in the town where Jess was raised as a teenager and it appears as if her one time best friend, Heather, is the murderer.  Going back to her roots with her best friend, Jack, who works with her on the paper we begin to uncover secrets from the past.  Heather’s sister, Flora, disappeared when she was sixteen and has never been found and both Heather and Jess have secrets about the last night she was seen.

The characters were all excellently developed and the intertwining and surprises were many and carefully plotted.  The novel covered difficult subjects with empathy and understanding.

Full of twists and turns right up to the final page this is an excellent read and highly recommended.

Thanks to NetGalley, Penguin UK, Michael Joseph and Claire Douglas for my ARC in return for my honest review.



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