The Doctor – Lisa Stone


Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books UK and Lisa Stone for my ARC in return for my honest review.

I have read Lisa Stone before and find her writing compelling and the storylines clever and out of the ordinary.  This did not disappoint.  Emily and Ben live next door to a doctor and his wife and despite Emily’s best efforts they do not wish to be friends.  The Burman family had CCTV and Perspex at the windows to stop anybody approaching and seeing in the house.

Emily watched Dr Amit Burman spend night after night in his shed at the bottom of the garden wondering what he was doing and why, even on Christmas Day he was in there.  Emily is on extended maternity leave and her husband, Ben, tends to ignore her musings, putting them down to gossiping.

Despite her knockbacks, Emily eventually befriends Amit’s wife, Alisha, and discovers a secret and Alisha tells her the reason Amit spends all his spare time in the shed.  However, several things happen locally and to Emily and she begins to think that there are problems within the Burman’s family environment.

At times I was horrified but I was intrigued all the way through. This is a fast paced, clever read.  Highly recommended.





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