The Silent Ones – K L Slater


K L Slater is high up there on my ‘must read’ authors.  Her writing and storylines grip me from the very beginning and this one was just as amazing as all the rest and I have read all of her previous novels.

The Silent Ones is told mainly from the present day and covers two days whilst flitting into the past on several occasions looking at the bond between sisters Juliette and Chloe and the extremely different relationships they have with their parents.  This storyline emerges as the novel progresses and throws up several dark twists and turns.

At the beginning Juliet and Chloe who are running their own business, mainly lead by Juliet, are taken to the police station as both of their daughters, Maddy and Brianna, have been involved in an ‘incident’.  The telling of this part is brilliant as the mothers have no idea what is going on and feel scared and ill-informed.  We know that they have harmed an elderly lady, Bessie, who is known to the cousins’ grandparents, but do not know the seriousness of the situation.

The local community already have the information about Bessie being hurt and have tried and convicted the two 10-year-old girls immediately with the typical backlash of social media as well as physically threatening the households of both mothers as can be common today.

Juliet has been engrossed in expanding her business and her husband, Tom, has just started a new job so they have both been working hard and could have been neglecting their two children, Maddy and Josh. Juliet seeks help from her friend Beth, who Chloe dislikes, when they sisters must stay at the police station with the two girls.

As part of the police questioning a child psychologist, Dana, also with a ‘shady’ background is brought in to assist.

I loved the novel; the storylines and the characters were excellently portrayed in what is quite a dramatic family orientated psychological thriller.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookoutre and K L Slater for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Brilliant read, highly recommended.




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