Lies, Lies, Lies – Adele Parks


This is the first novel i have read by Adele Parks and I have clearly been missing out by the looks of the the others which have been published, so I will need to do some catching up.

‘Lies, Lies, Lies’ is an awesome read which addresses so many issues prevalent in society today.  One of which is how to deal with an alcoholic in a relationship and this covers anyone with an addiction.

Daisy and Simon, a functioning alcoholic, have a daughter, Millie, who was born after IVF treatment and years of believing they would never have a child.  Daisy is a teacher and Simon an interior designer with their daughter showing beauty and elegance with the potential to be a ballerina.

There are a group of long-term friends, some of whom met at university and the inter-relationships cast doubts all around.  This is a dark, scary tale in parts which had me cringing at times and holding my breath at others.

Many thanks to NetGalley, HQ Women’s Fiction and Adele Parks for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Highly recommended.




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