The Family – Louise Jensen


I have read Louise Jensen novels before and always find them compelling reading and this was the best so far.  Laura has lost her husband, Gavin, and can no longer pay the bills.  His construction business is being sued, even after he is dead, and the insurance company are holding back on paying out until the inquest has been held giving a verdict on whether or not it was a suicide.

Laura is in her florist shop, ruing the fact that all her customers seem to have disappeared when Saffron walks in and offers help and kindness.  She takes Laura to meet Alex, a former lawyer now owner of an organic farm, on the basis that he can help her with the insurance company.

Laura and her daughter, Tilly, go to the farm to meet everyone and are offered accommodation providing they help on the farm.

All is not as it seems and the different strands begin to weave together in what is an excellent finale.  Extremely clever plotting and character development.  Loved it all.

Thank you to NetGalley, HQ, General Fiction (Adult) and Louise Jensen for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Excellent Read.  Highly recommended.





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