The Secret of Cold Hill – Peter James


I have read all of the Roy Grace series by Peter James and found them enthralling but this is my first read of anything else he has written including ‘The House On Cold Hill’, which is the precursor to this, ‘The Secret of Cold Hill.’

The story took me by storm.  After the first chapter I was hooked, totally and completely and this novel is so far outside of my usual read that it is quite a surprise how much I enjoyed it.

Putting beliefs aside this is a creepy, scary, nail biter surrounding Emily and Jason who have just moved into a new house on a brand new housing estate which is practically empty apart from one couple, the Penze-Weedels, who as the name suggests, are a little off-beat.

The characters are interesting and some quite eccentric with a fast-paced plot, leading the reader in several different directions and beliefs.  At times I laughed out loud, only to be taken aback within the next few sentences with what was happening.

This is a full on ghost story with twists and turns and so many clever nuances, which lead through to a brilliant conclusion.

Thanks to NetGalley, Pan Macmillan and Peter James for my ARC in return for my honest review.

All in all and utterly brilliant read.  Highly recommended.





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