Six Wicked Reasons – Jo Spain


I have read a previous book by Jo Spain and it was brilliant.  This was no different.  Highly enjoyable.

‘Six Wicked Reasons’ centres around a dysfunctional family, the Lattimer family.  Although this is something we can all relate to there are six siblings involved here: Adam, James, Ryan, Kate Ellen and Clio.  This makes it more complicated than usual.

Adam had disappeared and while he was missing the mother died, leaving the father, Frazer, who keeps a tight rein on trust fund monies, investments and the family house as the central family character.

When Adam returns, some ten years later, it coincides with Frazer announcing he is to marry again, and will be taking all the money from the sale of the house and investments and traveling the world with his new wife.  He calls a party on a yacht to celebrate.  This is to be skippered by a close friend of the family, Danny.  The siblings arrive from around the world and Frazer makes it clear he is still in control.

There is tension between all of the siblings and Frazer as secrets start to unfold. Gradually the story reveals the complicated nature of all the relationships over the years.

Thanks to NetGalley, Quercus Books and Jo Spain for my ARC of Six Wicked Reasons in return for an honest review.

Great read.  Highly recommended.





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