Single – K.L. Slater


K L Slater has been high up on my ‘must read’ authors for some time and I have read all of her previous novels.  Her writing and storylines grip me from the very beginning and ‘Single’ was no exception.  I absolutely loved it.

It is the story of Darcy, a single mother bringing up two boys after her ‘husband’, Joel, died.  She is relying heavily on Joel’s family when she meets George, a local surgeon, when he saves her son’s life as he is suffering from a severe asthma attack in a playground. He is single as his wife died and he has a young daughter.

They begin to date and initially it sounds like a match made in heaven but both have secrets and lies in their past and as the story progresses, we are slowly made aware of each one, leaving Darcy with decisions to make about who she can and cannot trust.

The twists and turns keep on coming and I cannot profess to guessing all of them but the careful plotting and mixture of characters’ personalities left me shocked as each one unfolded.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bookoutre and K L Slater for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Brilliant read, highly recommended.




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