The Liar’s Daughter – Claire Allan


I have read Clair Allan novels before and none have disappointed and neither did this one.  As usual the author addresses issues which are usually hidden or skipped over but paedophilia is tackled head on with sensitivity and clarity.

Joe McKee is suffering from terminal cancer and is viewed as exceptional for taking care of Heidi, when her mother (who Joe was living with at the time) died even though he already had a wife and daughter.  The situation brings together Heidi, Ciara (who is Joe’s daughter), Marie (Joe’s wife who he left) and Kathleen who is Joe’s sister to the house which has been left to Heidi by her dead mother although allowed Joe to live there while he was alive.

The complications of their relationships and the hatred from the past deceptions adds flavour to a traumatic storyline, especially when he is found dead.  This is a dark and sinister thriller which is written from different viewpoints switching between the present and the past.  Clever plotting and the ability to ‘drip feed’ the information left me speechless at time.

Once again, a superb read from Claire Allan

Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books UK and Claire Allan for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Superb read and highly recommended.




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