The End of the Affair – Graham Greene

The End Of The Affair (Vintage Classics)


Graham Greene (1904 – 1991) is regarded by many as one of the leading novelists of the twentieth century.  I am well aware that I should have read many of his books but this is the first.  The End of the Affair is based on Greene and his lover Catherine Watson.

The End of the Affair is based on Maurice Bendrix who is a writer during the second world war.  He is having an affair with Sarah Miles who is the wife of a civil servant.  They have fallen in love and the story is about how the open jealousy during the affair tears him apart.  He knows the affair will end and the internal trauma Bendrix puts himself through thinking of the end to the affair is devastating.a

A bomb hits the flat where the couple are in bed and he is nearly killed.  Sarah breaks off the relationship.  He strives to find a reason for this and hires a private investigator to assist.

The story is full of pain and rage and could be seen as depressing although the feelings and relationships are handled with such care.  The writing is superb and this is thoroughly recommended.

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