The Murder Game – Rachel Abbott


I have read all of Rachel Abbott’s novels and admire her as an author for a huge number of reasons.  Her storylines, plots and characters never disappoint and once again she has delivered a top notch read.

Lucas and Nina are getting married in Cornwall in his stunning, sprawling mansion set close to a private cove within beautiful gardens.  He has invited his closest friends from his childhood to stay over for the weekend. This includes Andrew, who is now married to Chandra, Matt, who is now married to Jenna and Nick and Isobel who are twins.

The morning of the wedding tragedy strikes as Lucas identifies his sister Alex, who lives in the grounds of the estate, floating dead in the cove.  Alex had suffered an awful kidnapping some years before and this adds to the intrigue and plot.

One year later he invites them all back and announces, ‘The Murder Game’ whereby he insists one of them is a killer.

This is an exceptional ‘whodunnit’ in so many ways from the surroundings of the estate, cove, boathouse and boat to a group of friends who hadn’t seen each other for several years and all the secrets and lies from their childhood days coming to the surface.  Cleverly plotted and, mainly told be Jenna, Rachel Abbott releases the twists and turns with precision.

Thank you to NetGalley, Headline and Rachel Abbott for this ARC of The Murder Game in return for my honest review.

Exceptional read and highly recommended.



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