The Other Passenger – Louise Candlish


I have read two of the novels by Louise Candlish and enjoyed both of them.  This one is possibly the best I have read so far.  I have noticed there are a few I have missed so they are going to be next on my reading list.  Always pleased to find an author I love and have other books to read.

There are so many things that I love about her story lines.  Once again there is intricate detail about the people involved and their interrelationships along with some brilliant descriptions of scenery along the Thames.

Jamie and Clare are married, living in a huge house near the Thames, bought for Clare by her wealthy family.  When Melia starts working for Clare, she invites her and her husband, Kit, to dinner as they live nearby.

The story begins with Jamie being met, on his way to work, by two detectives, Parry and Merchison, and they begin questioning him about the disappearance of what is now his riverboat commuter friend, Kit.

Jamie narrates the story and leads the reader back in time to how the two couples met and the situation between them as couples and the relationships within the partnerships.

This is a story about wealth and lack of it, cheating, deceit, murder and double cross but, right until the end, I was wondering who was involved in doing what to whom.  Twists and turns in abundance and some evil treachery.  Loved it.

Thanks to NetGalley, Simon and Schuster UK and Louise Candlish for my ARC in return for my honest review.

A must read. Highly recommended.





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