How to Disappear – Gillian McAllister


Thanks to NetGalley, Penguin UK, Michael Joseph and Gillian McAllister for my ARC of ‘How To Disappear’ in return for my honest review.

I have read most of Gillian McAllister’s novels and always find them compelling.  This is another one that I couldn’t put down and managed to demolish it within a day.

Zara, a teenager and daughter to Lauren and stepdaughter to Aidan, witnesses a murder on her way home and gives evidence in court.  Her identity is protected and she is known as ‘Girl A’.  As a result of the trial and what happens her identity is released and she is deemed to be in danger for her life and offered witness protection.

After deliberation Aidan, who has a daughter from his first marriage, decides not to go into witness protection but stay behind.  The scenes of the decision and where Lauren and Zara are taken into witness protection, I found heart wrenching.

Aidan makes a decision to find out who is threatening his stepdaughter and bring the gang to justice so that he can be reunited with the two of them.

The characters, situations and relationships are clever, believable and wonderfully portrayed in a tumultuous situation for all of them.  The twists and turns continue from start to finish and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Excellent read.  Highly recommended.






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