His and Hers – Alice Feeney


This is the second novel I have read by Alice Feeney and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  ‘His and Hers’ was a brilliant read and written, as expected, from two viewpoints although, at times, it is not clear who him and her really are.

The story begins with the murder of a woman in a small village, Blackdown.  Newsreader Anna Andrews is sent to cover the case and her husband, DCI Jack Harper is leading the investigation. It is a woman they both knew from school days. This is where they both used to live and where they grew up. It is clear from the beginning that there are lies and deceit from all those involved.

Everyone is flawed with secrets to keep and the author ensures that there is enough underlying doubt that anybody could be responsible for the murders.  All the characters are realistically portrayed and the plot twists and turns all the way until the end.

Thank you to NetGally, HQ, General Fiction Adult and Alice Feeney for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Great read and highly recommended.



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