The Catch – T. M. Logan


Being a huge fan of T.M.Logan and having read all his previous novels I was delighted to receive the ARC of “The Catch’ in return for my honest review.  Once again, I found this brilliant and devoured it in just over 24 hours.  This may well be the best so far.

Ed and Claire have a dinner inviting their daughter, Abbie, and her new boyfriend, Ryan, as they haven’t met him. The couple announce their intention to get married in a few week’s time.  The shock is clear but Ryan seems to be the perfect partner although Ed feels a certain disquiet about him.

Claire and her mother, Joyce, believe that Ryan is brilliant and offers everything Abbie could want in a husband. Ed does not agree and decides to look into Ryan’s background, qualifications and stories by following him, seeking the help of an investigative agency and tracking him with a GPS on his car.  At times my heart was in my mouth about what he was doing and what was happening.

Both Abbie and Claire think Ed is losing the plot and try to get him to see reason.  He will not listen and his determination to uncover something bad about Ryan leads him into all sorts of trouble.  The twists and turns just keep coming and no punches are pulled.

I’m saying nothing else about the plot except the timings and ending are superb. I loved all of the characters especially Ed, as I could imagine many fathers not trusting their daughter’s boyfriends but whether they would ever go to this length is questionable.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Bonnier Books and T. M. Logan for this ARC.

Highly recommended and, in my view, another must read by this author.



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