The Weekend Away – Sarah Alderson


I am a huge fan of Sarah Alderson and this is another brilliant read.

Orla and Kate, best friends for a long time, have ventured away on trips together on numerous occasions even since Orla has been married to Rob and Kate married to Toby.  It used to be an annual trip but has not happened for a while.  However, this trip is different.  Kate is leaving her daughter with husband Rob and Kate is going through a divorce.

They visit Lisbon and the flat they are staying in is beautiful and Kate tells Orla that her soon to be ex-husband, Toby, will be paying for it.  The first night they go out for a meal and Kate insists they go clubbing which Orla, now a mother, isn’t keen on.  As soon as the pair arrive in the club Kate makes a bee-line for two men who are good looking and well dressed and decides she is taking them back to the flat, despite Orla’s objections.

Orla wakes up the next morning with a thumping headache and little recollection of the previous night. To add to her woes Kate is missing along with her handbag and mobile phone.  She tries calling but it goes straight to voicemail and she begins to worry so takes it upon herself to try and find her friend as the police do not seem too interested.  She seeks the help of Konstandin, the driver of the Uber which took them to the club.  He was probably my favourite character but Orla suspected everyone at various times.

The plot twists and turns and was a thoroughly enjoyable rollercoaster ride.  The ending was brilliant; just my sort of final chapter.

Thanks to NetGalley, Avon Books and Sarah Alderson for my ARC in return from my honest review.

Excellent novel.  Highly recommended.


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