Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell


I have read Lisa Jewell novels before and this author has never let me down.  Her writing is mesmerising.  ‘Invisible Girls’ is just as good as the others.

The story revolves around Saffyre Maddox, who tries to be the “Invisible Girl’ and the ‘Fours’ family consisting of Cate (mum), Roan (dad), Josh and Georgia. The family are living, temporarily, in a flat opposite Owen Picks and a wide-open space next to the house he lives in with his aunt Tessie.  This is in the leafy suburb of Hampstead.

Something nasty happened to Saffyre when she was ten years old and she took to self-harming so was assigned to attend a psychologist, which was Roan Fours. During this time Cate thought her husband was having an affair and this caused problems for the couple.

Saffyre is the link between all of the characters and as the story unfold there are lies, deceit, revenge and a sexual predator preying on the streets around Hampstead.  This all comes to a head on valentine’s day and the intertwining of the relationships and plot-lines intermingle with cunning and craft.  Be careful when judging people by their appearance.

Another stunning ending.

Thank you to NetGalley, Random House UK, Cornerstone and Lisa Jewell for my ARC in return for my honest review.

Brilliant Read and highly recommended.






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