The Accusation – Victoria Jenkins


This is my first read of Victoria Jenkins but I will be seeking out any others she has had published.  This was a gripping twisted read.

Jenna is walking home from a night out with friends.  She has been drinking and hears a cry for help and, probably because she has had a few drinks, she runs towards the voice to find a crumpled bleeding figure although she sees a man running away.

Jenna called emergency services and was talked thorugh saving the woman’s life. However, the next day when she visits her in hospital the woman accuses Jenna of the attack.

This is where the secrets and lies begin. The case against her starts to build and Jenna is hiding something which somebody knows and wants to make her pay. As well as this she suspects her husband of having an affair and her teenage daughter is rebellious.  Jenna feel she is losing grip and needs to find out the truth.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and Victoria Jenkins for my ARC of ‘The Accusation’ in return for my honest review.

Great read and recommended.






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