Shed No Tears – Caz Frear


‘Shed No Tears’ sees the return of the inimitable DC Cat Kinsella for the third in the series.  Even though it is one of a series it could easily be read as a stand alone for those who haven’t read the previous books.  Having said that, I am getting to know the characters and am finding this adds to my enjoyment. This is yet another excellent read.

The remains of a young woman, Holly Kemp, are found in a field in Cambridgeshire, covered by twigs and logs.  The body has been there for some years and it is identified as the fourth victim of a serial killer who is in prison for the murder of the other three women.  He was not convicted of this murder as the body hadn’t been found and there was no definitive proof.

There are several inconsistencies with the other three murders so an investigation begins to ensure that it is the killer of Holly Kemp who is behind bars.

Serious questions around the evidence, witness statement and police methods are raised and Cat soon believes all is not as it seems.  Following the plot with all the twists and turns of the storyline the reader is taken into a deep, dark and dangerous place where gangsters (something Cat knows about first hand) and police are working hand in hand.

Cat is one of my favourite fictional detective characters. She has inner demons and a sense of humour which keeps her going.  Sometimes she opens her mouth when she shouldn’t and I am now wondering what the next instalment will bring.

Thank you to NetGalley, Bonnier Books UK and Caz Frear for my ARC of ‘Shed No Tears’ in return for my honest review.

Another must read for any fan of crime thrillers.  Highly recommended.





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