Blood Orange – Harriet Tyce


This is Harriet Tyce’s debut novel and what a thriller.  ‘Blood Orange’ centres around Alison who is a successful criminal barrister. She is married to Carl with a beautiful daughter, Matilda.  Carl looks after the home, child care and general takes care of everything.

Alison has just been given her first murder case, by Patrick, who she is having an affair with.  She is trying to stop the affair and wants to put a halt to some self-destructive behaviours.  The murder case consumes her as she is trying to take her career to the next level and wants to prove her client innocent.

The writing is brilliant and the character of Alison, whilst annoying, was excellently portrayed and managed to illicit just the right amount of empathy.

This is a legal/psychological thriller with twists, turns and tense situations showing how easy it is for somebody to get misled and end up in positions which they never intended.

There were some uncomfortable matters addressed throughout and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.  I cannot wait for the TV series.

Highly recommended.



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