Find Them Dead


And it still keeps getting better

This is the sixteenth Roy Grace novel (all of which I have read) and I find myself saying it is the best yet (again). There are so many aspects to these novels but I love the fact that the author, Peter James, is always bang up-to-date with current situations as well as being well-researched.

Mickey Starr (or Lucky as some people know him) has a brother with downs syndrome who he idolises and has pledged to look after.  However, the novel opens with Mickey trying to bring a large quantity of class A drugs into the country hidden in a fake, top of the range, Ferrari.  He gets caught and his ultimate boss is then found and the two go on trial.

Mickey pleads guilty in the hope of a shorter sentence so he can get out to his brother whilst the boss denies all knowledge of Mickey and the drugs.

In the meantime, Meg Magellan is taking a redundancy package as she sees her daughter, Laura, going on a round-the-world trip with her best friend.  Meg has a sad past with family bereavements and during Laura’s trip is required to do jury service.

As the jury arrive there is somebody at the front of the public gallery filming the jurors with a view to trying to persuade them to return a ‘not-guilty’ verdict.

This is easily a stand-alone novel, although my enjoyment is enhanced by the fact that I know the background to some of the characters and wait for their next moves.

The ending was great. ‘I’m writing because I have something of interest about our mutual friend. No names mentioned because all these letters are read, but I know you were interested in doing something with that park bench.’

I cannot wait for the next instalment.

Thank you to NetGalley, Pan Macmiilan and Peter James for my ARC of Find Them Dead in return for my honest review.

Utterly brilliant read.  Highly recommended.





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