Daughters of Night – Laura Shepherd-Robinson


I was lucky enough to have the hardback of ‘Blood & Sugar’ bought for me as a Christmas present. It was outstanding so I was delighted to receive an ARC of ‘Daughters of Night’ in return for my honest review. Many thanks to NetGalley, Pan MacMillan and Laura Shepherd-Robinson for this opportunity.

Although there are characters from the previous novel this is a stand-alone and develops on a couple of the characters, including Caro (Caroline Corsham). A stunning woman with sophistication and wealth Caro has some secrets herself. Her husband, Captain Henry Corsham (Harry), is in America on a political mission.

The novel begins with Caro walking through gardens to meet Lucy, a high-society prostitute, in Vauxhall, only to discover that she has been brutally stabbed and dies in her arms after whispering ‘he knows,’ before her death.  Caro blames herself as she had arranged the meeting and takes on the task to find the truth.

She hires a thief-taker, Peregrine Child, to help her solve the murder as the authorities do not show as much interest as Caro would like because Lucy was a prostitute. I warmed to both of these characters even though they are both flawed and struggle at times with what life throws at them.

The author paints a wonderfully accurate and detailed picture of Georgian London and the interrelationship between men with money and their treatment of prostitutes along with the behaviours in high-society and how easy it is to be shunned. There are twists and turns throughout and just when I thought I had read them all, there are a couple more shocks. A stunning murder mystery with suspense and a superb background.

Loved the ending.

Beautifully written.  Highly recommended.





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