A Double Life – Charlotte Philby


This is my first read of Charlotte Philby and it was not disappointing. ‘A Double Life’ centres around two women who are leading unconnected lives until they converge into one.

Gabriella lives with Tom and lands her dream job at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where she is assigned to a long stint in Russia. She becomes close to her mentor, Madeleine, who leaves the FCO as it becomes clear that their boss Emsworth has something to hide.

Isobel is a journalist on a local paper who has her own demons to deal with but is determined to investigate an assault she witnesses even though she was high on drugs at the time.

It is a sharp, distinctive plotline with well-defined characters and sometimes made me shake my head with despair as well as laugh and cringe with fear for what would come next.

If you want a fast-paced read with numerous twists and turns then this is for you.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK, HarperFiction and Charlotte Philby for the ARC of ‘A Double Life’ in return for my honest review.

Good read. Highly recommended.




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