The Chalet – Catherine Cooper


This is the debut novel by Catherine Cooper and it is an entertaining twisty tale which had me reading well into the night.

The novel goes between two timelines; 1998 and present day, based in a ski resort in France. The beginning is with four people on a ski slope in difficult conditions. Two are instructors and the other two are brothers. Only one brother survives.

Present day sees Hugo and Ria, Simon and Cass who have brought their baby along with the nanny, Sarah, in an exclusive ski chalet at the same location. Hugo is trying to get Simon to invest in his company and Ria has arranged the holiday.

Bad weather comes down bringing an avalanche and along with it the body which disappeared all those years ago. This brings the surviving brother, Adam, to the ski resort after all of these years. The author cleverly allows assumptions to be made about the different characters and some are unpleasant. However, they all have secrets and these are gradually brought out.

Many thanks to NetGalley, and Catherine Cooper for my ARC of ‘The Chalet’ in return for my honest review.

Great read and recommended.





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