A Song For Dark Times – Ian Rankin


I have read many of Ian Rankin’s novels before and most of the Rebus series finding the central character witty and clever.

We begin with Rebus and his dog, Brillo, moving downstairs to a smaller, garden flat in the same building. DI Siobhan Clarke is helping with the move and has taken a few days holiday to assist although she cannot stay away from Major Crimes where an investigation is taking place into the murder of a rich playboy, Salman bin Mahmoud.

The first night in his new flat Rebus receives a call from his daughter, Samantha, who is worried that her partner, Keith, is missing. Rebus goes to the assistance of his daughter and soon become embroiled in the investigation even though he and his daughter do not see eye to eye about many things.

Both investigations develop and somehow overlap.  This is an engaging, compelling read, put together with the usual Ian Rankin skill.

Thanks to NetGalley, Orion Publishing and Ian Rankin for the ARC of ‘A Song for Dark Times’ in return for my honest review.

Excellent read and highly recommended.

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