Two Wrongs – Rebecca Reid


I have read Rebecca Reid’s previous novels and thoroughly enjoyed them. This was in the same league and I found it another compelling read.

The story is told in two timelines. The first being when Chloe arrives at university, she finds she is sharing a room in the Halls of Residence. Chloe is shy but is looking forward to meeting her new roommate, Zadie. She is in for a surprise as Zadie doesn’t turn up as she has other plans and is moving in with her boyfriend, Max, in a house his parents own.

When they finally meet Zadie takes Chloe away from her studying into a party environment with an abundance of drink and drugs. Chloe struggles to keep up with her course work.

In the present-day Chloe is married to Rav, who she met on her partying spree at university but she hasn’t been able to track down Zadie since she left university one evening after an incident. She has spent many hours searching social media to track her down.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Random House UK, Transworld Publishers, Corgi and Rebecca Reid for my ARC of ‘Two Wrongs’ in return for my honest review.

This is brilliant if you like a twisty, no holds barred read.  Highly recommended.

Out on 21st January 2021

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