Ask No Questions – Claire Allan


Published on 21st January 2021

I have read most of Claire Allan’s novels and none have disappointed. This is another cleverly plotted storyline which leads the reader in several different directions.

Twenty-five years ago, on Halloween, Kelly Doherty disappeared and was found a few days later murdered. Her body was found by twins from her class and it affected the two of them in different ways. The murder rocked Derry.

Ingrid Devlin is an investigative reporter covering the anniversary of the murder for the local newspaper and interviews Jamesy Harte, who was convicted and sent away to prison for the murder. He has been released and has always stated his innocence.  Ingrid was at the same school as Kelly and has always felt guilty.

The plot follows the investigation and things begin to get nasty as somebody is trying to stop the investigation.

I read this in a day. The writing and plotline are superb along with clever twists and turns as everybody seems to know something about the night Kelly vanished which they have not spoken about.

Another brilliant read from Claire Allan. Not to be missed and highly recommended.

Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books UK and Claire Allan for my ARC of “Ask No Questions’ in return for my honest review.

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