The Castaways – Lucy Clarke


I have read all of Lucy Clarke’s novels and do not hide the fact that I am a huge fan. This is probably the best novel so far. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down.

The story is about two sisters: Erin and Lori. They go on holiday together, destined for a small island near Fiji. They have an argument the night before they are due to fly to the small Island and Erin, the youngest, doesn’t turn up at the airport so Lori gets on the flight without her. It crashes and two years later Erin is still searching for her sister. All passengers and crew are assumed to have died as the plane was never found.

Erin is a journalist and when the pilot turns up in Fiji, some two years later she persuades her boss to let her go out to meet him and find out the truth. Nothing is as it seems though and Erin knows a lot more than she should.

The story is told by the two sisters: Erin is narrating in the present and Lori’s story is told from the past with her being at the airport and what happens as the journey progresses.

Many thanks to NetGalley, HarperCollins UK and Lucy Clarke for my ARC of The Castaways in return for my honest review.

Brilliant beginning and ending.  Enjoy! Highly recommended.

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