Trust Me – T. M. Logan


I am a huge fan of T.M.Logan and have read all of his novels and they are all excellent. Once again, I was delighted to receive the ARC of Trust Me in return for my honest review.  Another clever, original and well plotted story with excellent characters.

We begin on a train journey with Ellen. A young woman sits down opposite her with a three-month old baby, Mia. She introduces herself as Kathryn, appears to be flustered and receiving phone calls which she doesn’t answer. Ellen notices bruises on her wrist. Kathryn asks Ellen to hold the baby whole she makes an urgent phone call.

The next time Ellen sees Kathryn is as the train pulls away at a station and Kathryn is walking away, leaving the baby with Ellen, the baby’s rucksack and a note telling her not to trust anybody including the police.

There are twists, turns, red herrings, frightening and witty dialogue especially with Ellen’s friend, Tara. Thoroughly enjoyable read.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Bonnier Books UK and T. M. Logan for the ARC of Trust Me.

Another highly recommended and must-read form T. M. Logan.

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