Her Last Holiday – C L Taylor


I have read all of C L Taylor’s previous novels and have always loved her cleverly crafted plots and how they weave in and out. This was no exception.

Fran’s sister, Jenna, went on a wellness retreat, SoulShrink, in Gozo two years before and did not return, having been declared as dead by way of suicide.

Fran, encouraged by her mother, Geraldine, is encouraged to go on the latest retreat run by the same couple as the leader, Tom Wade has just been released from prison charged with the deaths of others on that same trip. Fran intends to find out what happened and if her sister really did kill herself or had she been murdered.

The story is told from Kate (Tom’s wife), Jenna and Fran’s perspective alternating between the present and the past. It is clear that not everybody is telling the truth but there are numerous twists and turns throughout, a few of which left me gobsmacked.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Avon Books UK and C. L. Taylor for my ARC of Her Last Holiday in return for my honest review.

Excellent Read. Recommended.

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