The Wild Girls – Phoebe Morgan


I have read all of Phoebe Morgan’s previous novels and thoroughly enjoyed them so was delighted to receive my ARC of The Wild Girls. It did not disappoint and I raced through this in a day.

The story centres around four friends- Felicity, Grace, Hannah and Alice – who were close growing up and going through university until one evening it all went wrong and they haven’t been in touch for two years. I could relate to the friendships and how it is easy to grow apart over a ‘situation’, so found this part exceptionally well written.

Felicity moved to New York at that time but has now invited the other three to a luxury retreat in Botswana, all expenses paid for her birthday. They all decide to go and the descriptions of the lodges and the environment were brilliant.

The story is told from multiple perspectives covering the friendships and how they have changed along the way; all the time drip-feeding twists and turns into the storyline as the narrative goes from present day Botswana to that night two years ago.

All the characters are flawed but the portrayal left me with a soft spot for all except one of them. Entertaining and cleverly plotted.

Many thanks to NetGalley, HQ, General Fiction (Adult) and Phoebe Morgan for my ARC of The Wild Girls in return for my honest review.

Another superb read from this author.  Highly recommended.

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