The Killing Kind – Jane Casey


I am a huge fan of Jane Casey’s novels especially the Maeve Kerrigan series, and this standalone read is the best so far. I tend to avoid claiming that it is the best novel I have read but this is up there and the best I have read this year. Utterly compelling and disturbing so make sure the windows and doors are locked if you read this alone in the house.

Ingrid Lewis is a barrister and used to dealing with difficult situations and tricky clients. She defended John Webster against a stalking charge. A police officer, Adam Nash, warns Ingrid that John Webster is evil, and this proves to be the case as he stalks her and her fiancé, Mark.

The story is narrated by Ingrid who is a feisty, intelligent woman and turns into a private investigator to try and find out who is responsible for her colleague, Belinda’s, ‘murder’. Belinda had borrowed Ingrid’s umbrella and ends up under the wheels of a lorry.

Superb plotting and amazingly dynamic characters with a great ending.

Many thanks to NetGalley, HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction and Jane Casey for my ARC of The Killing Kind in return for my honest review.

Utterly brilliant and highly recommended.

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