That Night – Gillian McAllister


Thanks to NetGalley, Penguin UK, Michael Joseph and Gillian McAllister for my ARC of That Night in return for my honest review.

I have read all of Gillian McAllister’s novels and always find them compelling.  This is no exception and the twists and turns just kept on coming.

This novel revolves around the Plant family. The main storyline is between the three siblings, Frannie, Cathy and Joe. Not only do they work together running a successful vet practice, they live next to each other in the same street. It all feels a little claustrophobic.

‘That Night’ centres on a holiday they took to Verona, staying in their villa. The three siblings plus Joe’s wife, Lydia, and Frannie’s son, Paul, had taken a break from the vet’s practice, leaving Evan in charge. Frannie calls her two siblings in the early hours of one morning, careful to exclude Lydia, as she has run over a man.

They begin the cover up and, despite being questioned by the local police they are allowed to return to the UK. The story investigates the relationship between the three of them and their parents and how it all changes as they believe the body will be found any time. There are some clever dialogues and some evil situations.

Excellent read.  Highly recommended.

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