Twisted Lies – Angela Marsons


Well, now to Book 14 in the Detective Kim Stone Crime series and they just keep getting better. Angela Marsons has nailed it yet again and, for anybody who hasn’t read the whole series, I would recommend reading them all in order. Having said that, this can be read as a standalone.

Kim Stone has been instructed to take Tracy Frost, a reporter who has felt the anger of Kim’s comments before, on a ride along as they make their way to see a mother, who has had one of her daughter’s, Trisha Morley, murdered allegedly by the daughter’s husband, Nick. There is to be a retrial and there is a serious doubt that he will be found guilty as, being a barrister himself, he has used the full weight of a public relations company to highlight how wonderful he is.

After this somewhat unsatisfactory meeting, Kim is called to the scene of what is an awful murder. A man was brutally tortured prior to being killed and Kim must advise the wife. Within 24 hours the wife and her two sons have disappeared completely. Then the bodies start to pile up for Kim and her team as Frost decides to go on a one-woman crusade to prove Nick Morley guilty of his wife’s murder.

The murders are brutal and, as usual with this author the twists are unexpected and exceptionally clever. The ending has two aspects which really hit hard, and I just loved it. Leaving on a cliff hanger ready for the next instalment.

I have read some seriously good books this year and this is up there. Do not miss out on this one.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and Angela Marsons for my ARC of Twisted Lies in return for my honest review.

Not to be missed, highly recommended.

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