Left You Dead – Peter James


I have read all of the Roy Grace series in order of publication so follow the story closely. So far, it has been excellent and this is another brilliant instalment.

The story starts out with Eden and Niall Paternoster spending their Sunday as they usually do by visiting a country house. On the way home Eden insists they stop at the local supermarket to buy cat litter as they have run out.

Niall is annoyed and waits in the car but Eden does not return to him. He tries to find her in the supermarket but there is no trace of her anywhere around the shopping complex. He expects that, because they have argued, she will have gone home, but there is no sign of her there and none of her family and friends know where she is.

Eventually calling the police, it isn’t long before he is suspected of her murder and as the story unfold there are twists, turns and some tremendous shocks. Alongside this clever storyline there are a couple of major changes in Roy Grace’s work and personal life.

I enjoyed this read, possibly more than usual for this author’s novels, because I had recently seen the TV adaptation and had the picture of those actors in my head as I read it.

Thank you to NetGalley, Pan Macmiilan and Peter James for my ARC of Left You Dead in return for my honest review. 

Not to be missed.  Highly recommended.

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