The Marriage – K.L. Slater


I have read all of K L Slater’s previous novels and have enjoyed every single one and this is no exception

Bridget Wilson is 48 and she marries Tom Billinghurst, who is 20 years younger than her while he is still in prison for killing her son, Jesse, who was best friends with Tom. Add to this the fact that Bridget has stayed in touch with Jesse’s former girlfriend whose son calls Bridget ‘Nan’.

The story is told from different viewpoints and timelines and is complex and thoroughly engaging. Needless to say, a marriage with such an age difference causes more than a little concern especially with Tom’s mother, Jill, who believes Bridget is seeking some sort of revenge. Jill appears to be in a loveless marriage and seeks to control Tom’s every move.

It is clear that there are many secrets within the families and they are gradually revealed as the plot progresses.

Another brilliant read and highly recommended.  Thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and KL Slater for the ARC of The Marriage in return for my honest review.

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